ipad and recorder

How it works

We apply modern web technology to traditional recorder teaching. This gets you playing better, sooner.

We use audio players at every step. Rather than guessing how the music goes, you hear it.

The audio player is next to the music score. You play the audio and read the music from the same screen.

Try this sample lesson to see how it works.

Also, try the lesson on an iPad or similar device. The course is designed to be portable.

For beginners, we teach music reading and basic techniques. If you've never played, then soon you will.

For the more advanced, the course makes you a confident "one to a part" player.

We teach both soprano (descant) and alto (treble recorder). The course has two levels.

  • Level 1: here you learn to read music, and play your first "octave". Each lesson adds a new music concept, and new recorder notes. You learn how to play the recorder gradually, so it sticks
  • Level 2: after this section you can play most tunes. Duets are introduced, easy at first, then more demanding. We introduce some of the great recorder music

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